Portable toilets play a chief role in maintaining the sanitary needs of an individual while they are in an outdoor event. Hence, if you’re planning an outdoor trip, then it’s all-important in considering the portable toilets. This will help to maintain the surroundings in a clean and hygienic condition. Besides, these types of portable toilets are quite useful for any kind of events such as parties, birthday celebration, wedding, and some other outdoor events.

Portable toilets are available in various types in the marketplace. Amongst all, you can choose the best toilet which exceeds your expectations. Alright! Let me reveal the best branded portable travel toilet for you. Camco is the world’s best-selling manufacturer and it was started in the year 1966. It’s a growing company which has over 3,000 products with multiple manufacturing facilities in all over the world.  This provides quality products at an affordable price with customer satisfaction.

Whom this product is designed for?

This quality product from the Camco meets the customer’s needs and it’s good for the price, service, and even meets your expectations. This portable toilet is designed to meet the sanitary needs of a person in any event. Camco’s standard portable travel toilet is specifically designed for camping, RV, boating, and some other recreational activities. This is suitable for any outdoor events as it is featured with a durable polyethene construction. This personal restroom is also suitable for those who are having 6 to 7 years old children planning for an outdoor event.

Key Features of Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet

Camco provides the best personal portable toilet with many features. Here are just a few for your consideration,

  1. Design:

This Camco Portable toilet is featured with the 5.3-gallon detachable waste tank which is perfect for any recreational activity. Besides, it acts a great option for long rides. It features a sturdy construction and lightweight design, which makes handling easy. Even though it weighs only 11.5 lb, the maximum weight carrying capacity of the toilet is great, which is 330 lb. This portable restroom features a sturdy construction which provides enhanced durability for a long time.

  1. Flush Tank

This portable toilet comes with a flush tank which has the capacity of 2.5 gallons to hold the fresh water. Besides, this tank features a toilet with a bowl, seat, and lid. The toilet with the removable cap on the top helps to fill the flush tank with clean water. The presence of the bellow-type pump makes flushing easier than ever. Besides, it comes with secure latches to protect the tank. The sealing slide valve acts as an odor protector and prevents leakage.

  1. Waste Tank

The waste tank is great and sufficient enough to hold the waste in its 5.3-gallon tank. Besides, there is a sliding valve on the bottom of the waste tank which opens for waste and prevents odor and leakage when it is closed. It’s quite easy to empty the tank at the back of the waste tank has a removable cap. In order to make the transportation easy, it comes with the handles on both sides of the top and bottom of the tank.

  1. Portability:

The presence of the integrated handles makes the handling and transportation easier than ever. It comes with a comfortable seat and its sturdy and durable polyethylene construction provides long-lasting durability. The sealed gate valve protects leakage and odor and it’s a great portable toilet for both the travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It measures 15.5”H x 14” W x 16”

The pros and cons of Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet


  • No leakage
  • No smell
  • Portability
  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • It’s reliable and cost-effective
  • Great weight carrying capacity


  • Little small seat
  • No proper manual for using the seat.

Final Verdict

It’s our responsibility to keep our surroundings clean and hygienic. This compact travel toilet acts as a small personal restroom. Moreover, this is quite useful for the kids as well. Hence, if you’re going for an outdoor trip with your little ones of ages between 6 & 7 years old, then this is portable toilet is for you. It is easy to handle with the help of the handles present on the sides of the tank. Amongst all, the most notable feature of this standard portable travel toilet is it can be emptied easily.

The quality is quite great and it’s worth your price. It seems that the seat is little small but it can hold up to 330 lb. The total width of the seat measures 13 inches and inside dimensions of the seat are 8.5”W x 9”D. The side latch is great as it provides security to the tank. All in all, this is a sturdy and convenient travel toilet to use.

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