In these days, mostly the people prefer to use the portable toilets. Why because? It provides a great convenience to use it at anywhere you like. Are you not satisfied with your existing portable toilet? Would you like to buy the easy-to-install toilet at an affordable price? If so, then the best portable toilet for you is named as Thetford 42062 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Toilet.

This high-quality modern toilet is suited for all recreational vehicles and it’s cost-effective to buy. The presence of the single-pedal flush system makes the flushing process easier than ever. In order to add water to the bowl and flush the toilet, it uses the single-pedal flushing system. If you’re feeling that your toilet consumes more water, then you can use the hand sprayer to reduce the water consumption. This high-styled portable outdoor toilet is great for camping and other recreational activities.

Whom is Thetford 42062 Aqua-Magic Style II designed for?

This stylish portable outdoor toilet is designed for all types of recreational vehicles. With this toilet, you can experience the feel of using your household toilet even at the camping sites. It’s lightweight in design which is easy to carry everywhere you want. The single-pedal flush system provides 100% bowl coverage flush so your toilet will be 100% neat and clean. If you want to experience homelike toilet, then this is the best choice to go for.

Key features of a Thetford 42062 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Toilet

Thetford 42062 Aqua-Magic RV toilet comes with plenty of awesome features. Here is a list of few important features of this portable toilet from Thetford.

  1. Amazing design:

It features a contemporary design and it looks great. This easy portable toilet features an attractive bone colour and the lightweight design allows you to easily carry wherever you want.

Moreover, this toilet does its job very great for long years of time without offering any cracking issues to you. So, only it got the high rating from most of the customer. The seat of the toilet is made from antimicrobial materials which provide greater protection. It’s easy to clean and use wherever you want.

  1. Great convenience:

The top style of this RV toilet comes with the single pedal system with dual function. This system will help to add more water to the bowl by pressing the halfway of the pedal. At the same time, if you press the pedal wholly, then it opens the valve to flush the toilet.

Moreover, the body of this portable toilet is made of the plastic materials. This ensures you to carry it easily even using your motorcycle. It is specially designed using the modern technology so it comes with the unique operation.

  1. Hygienic:

The seat of this RV toilet is quite comfortable to use. On the other hand, it is made of the antimicrobial materials. So, it is the best toilet for all sensitive skin people. Moreover, it does not allow the bacteria to grow on it. Hence, it is safe to use and the seat height is also comfortable for taller people as well.

In case, if you feel as this toilet consumes more water, then you can add the hand sprayer. So, it reduces the over-consumption of water in your toilet.

  1. Quick installation:

Believe it or not, this item was designed greatly so you can easily install this toilet within 10 minutes to use. Not only that but also the smooth body structure of this toilet permits you to clean it easily.

Moreover, the seat of this toilet comes with the perfect height so without facing any risk, you can use it.

The Pros and cons of the Key features of the Thetford 42062 Aqua-Magic Style II RV Toilet


  1. It doesn’t leak
  2. The flush of this toilet is very powerful than the other.
  3. The seat is quite comfortable to sit.
  4. It fits even in the small space.
  5. It works well for a long


  1. The colour is not too bold.
  2. The water consumption is high comparatively than the other.
  3. This toilet is expensive.
  4. It does not suitable to use for the small age people.

Final Verdict:

This affordable and the contemporary toilet from the Thetford is best to use it anywhere you like. It’s good for the camping sites and as well for using at the boating camps, fishing, and much more. Installation of this portable toilet is simple when compared to the other toilets. It’s made from high-quality materials to provide long-lasting durability.

Furthermore, this toilet suits everyone and it does not provide any health issues by growing bacteria. The main advantage of this toilet is that is its antimicrobial seat. Keep in the mind if you have the small children in your home, then try to avoid using this toilet so they may fall into the bowl.

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