Are you passionate about outdoors? Looking for the best portable toilet to which does not harm the environment? If yes, then the Zimmer comfort portable toilet is great for you. It’s quite important to keep surroundings clean wherever we are, right. If you’re at home, there is no problem about the transfer of human excreta. In case, if you’re at camping or at any recreational activities, then what you will do. Definitely, there is a need for the toilet, right.

Zimmer is great in delivering high-quality portable toilets at a reasonable price. The products from the Zimmer meet your needs and exceed your expectations. This mobile toilet is made of high-quality materials which provide convenience and comfort to the outdoor enthusiasts. This is a heavy duty personal mobile toilet which resists the outdoor elements and great for long travel.

Who is this product designed for?

This is a sturdy portable toilet which features a compact design so it occupies a little space in your vehicle. It is a great toilet for modern camping. If you’re at camping where there is no power source and water, then this is just for you. Yes, there is no power and water source is required to use this portable toilet. This durable mobile toilet is featured with the detachable tanks to hold both fresh water and wastewater. It features a compact design which is perfect for camping and travel. It’s quite easy to transport hence it’s great for the campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Key features of Zimmer Comfort Portable Toilet

Zimmer’s comfort portable toilet comes with great features to meet the needs of an outdoor enthusiast. Here is a list of few important features of the mobile toilet from Zimmer.

  1. Design:

This portable toilet is made from durable polyethene and it’s great for camping. It features a sturdy design and a full-sized seat which is comfortable for adults and kids. The lid of the toilet is good to prevent odour and flushes the waste completely as it comes with a flush pump system. This compact portable toilet is good for campers and as well as perfect for hunting, fishing, road and boat trips and plenty of other uses.

  1. Easy to use:

This high-quality outdoor toilet from the Zimmer is featured with the 3-gallon tank to hold freshwater and 5-gallon to hold wastewater. Besides, it’s featured with the bellows pump flushing system to clean the toilet completely. Users can flush up to 50-70 flushes before the refilling of the freshwater tank. It’s quite simple to disconnect the waste water tank and fresh water tank by disconnecting the easy-to-use side latches. Moreover, you can easily refill and pour out waste as both the tanks come with removable caps.

  1. Comfortable Toilet:

Both the tanks come with a built-in handle which allows for easy portability. Furthermore, this portable toilet comes with the slide sealed waste valve which keeps odour and leakage from the tank. You can also buy deodorizing tablets to experience smell-proof results. This toilet is simple to use. Just fill the freshwater tank, flush the waste and pour out waste.

  1. Durability:

Zimmer’s portable toilet is made of high-density and high-quality materials which is good for camping and withstands for a long time. It is easy to carry anywhere you want as it weighs only 9.75 lbs. It’s a fully assembled portable toilet so there is no need to assemble again after you buy. The size is great which measures 16.5” high x 13.5” wide x 12” deep. You can keep the fresh water sealed in with the water filter cap of this portable toilet.

The Pros and cons of the Zimmer Comfort Portable Toilet


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Works great
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for camping
  • Sturdy design
  • Liftable toilet seat is great


  • Bowl is very thin
  • Lid is not great

Final Verdict:

Zimmer’s portable toilet acts as a great unit for camping and it’s made from sturdy materials which ensure that it will last for many years. The product arrives fully assembled so there are no tools required to install this mobile toilet. This easy to use and convenient toilet is not only great for camping but also good for long travel. It is helpful even when there is no power and water as it comes with a fresh water and wastewater holding tank.

This is good to use as it’s featured with the sealed waste valve which prevents odours and acts as a leak-proof. With the help of the waste tank cap, you can easily pour out waste to keep the environment clean. The only thing to note is that the bowl is very thin and the lid is not quite great. Otherwise, it’s a great portable toilet to use wherever you want.


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